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Xbox One E3 2016

Xbox One E3

Microsoft has once again hit it out of the park. For the second year in a row the software giant has done an amazing job at E3 debuting its latest games and emerging consoles. The biggest announcement centered around two brand new consoles that will live under the umbrella ox the Xbox One family. These are the Xbox One S and project Scorpio. The Xbox One E3 2016 was amazing!

Xbox One S or Slim, is basically an upgraded Xbox but 40% smaller. It will run alot cooler and lot quieter than the original. Upgrades include 4k video capabilities for Netflix, YouTube, HDR capabilities for gaming and a console port in the front of the system for easier access. They did remove the dedicated Kinect port. This is probably the death knell for the Kinect.

The console that has me excited is the Xbox project Scorpio. Its an existing Xbox ONE that will play existing games but with much better hardware. It has 8 CPU cores and 6 Teraflops of GPU power. That puts it on the same level of a 980 GTX graphics cards which is awesome. This will allow new games to have a 4k version and will allow for VR games. Maybe a partnership with Oculus and Microsoft??



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