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Simple Ways to Grow Your Twitch Channel

Ways to Grow Your Twitch Channel

Ways to Grow Your Twitch Channel’s Audience

Streaming games online today is simple. Anybody with a decent computer or current generation game console can stream their gameplay online for anybody to watch. Getting your channel up and running can be relatively easy. Attracting and keeping viewers, follows, or subscribers is an entirely harder thing to do. If you are someone who has just started streaming or are still reading up about Twitch streaming, below are some common sense ways to attract more viewers.

Before getting into some ways to improve your channel, there is one important caveat. Success on Twitch comes slowly. While there are stories about channels that ballooned overnight and became instant successes, these are rare. The majority of the most popular channels got there slowly.

Take each piece of advice below and keep in mind that success takes time and patience. There is never a guarantee that any new channel will become a hit, but the following will slowly increase your viewer count.

Play the Games You Want

There is a temptation with any streamer wanting more viewers to play one of the most watched games. While that makes sense, it hardly works that way. A new channel playing League of Legends will be lost like a grain of sand on a beach. Instead, play what you want. Find a game you find fun or are familiar with and play that instead. If you are having a good time playing, viewers will have a good time watching.

Always Be Talking

Dead air kills viewer counts. When starting out, it is common to go hours without anybody watching. Keep talking during this time. Pretend you have hundreds of people watching at all times. People follow channels because they like the streamer’s personality. Do not assume just because no one is talking in chat that you have no viewers. Keep talking and you will get viewers to stick around, chat, and possibly follow you.

Interact With Your Chat

When you slowly start to have a couple people active in the chat, talk to them. Discuss what they are discussing. Viewers that are feeling engaged with you will always stick around longer. People watching and chatting want to feel like they are part of a community while in your chat. Talk with them and get to know them. This helps them stay longer and keep coming back.

Be on Social Media

Having a number of social media accounts can help grow your channel even when not streaming. Promote yourself on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Use these sites to promote any upcoming streams and stay in touch with your followers. Interacting with your viewers helps create that sense of community that successful channels have. Be cautious about what you share. Do not give out too much personal information.

Have a Consistent Schedule

This one is by far the most important when it comes to attracting views and follows. Going a long time between streams, streaming for very short periods of time, or streaming at different times of the day will kill any channel. There are Twitch viewers all around the world in different time zones. Streaming at different times of the day will attract different audiences. While you should stream as often as possible when starting out, also create a schedule. Try to stick to this schedule as often as possible. Viewers who enjoy watching will know when to tune back in.

Following the above tips is just the start for growing your community. Having fun, talking, and being consistent are all qualities shared by the top Twitch streamers. While success is never a guarantee on Twitch, anybody can build a small following. You can form your own community and slowly grow and nurture it. Follow the above advice and you will be on your way to slowly growing your channel.


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