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Warcraft is Good – Don’t Listen To Critics

warcraft is good

Yesterday Warcraft open in theaters to the masses in the U.S. The polarizing film has been ripped by many critics calling it a “hot mess” and saying its a “Little more than a dumb action blockbuster that has a bit of style but little substance.” The problem is that they are wrong, very wrong about Warcraft. and that is clearly shown on rotten tomatoes. Currently Warcraft has a 4/10 with critics yet 4.1/5 for actual audience. Warcraft is good. And for someone like me who knows the lore, it was amazing.

Set in the mythical world of Azeroth, Warcraft tells a story of good vs evil. Horde vs Alliance. The horde have reduced their world of Draenor to basically nothing but a barren waste land and they seek to invade Azeroth and make it their home. Using a magical portal and the power of the Fel, they begin to attack Azeroth and its human/dwarf residence.

For Warcraft fans, this follows the story line of the very first Warcraft game, Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. This is the ground work for all the story lines to follow and it makes sense that the movie would begin there as well. A few things about the game were cut out, that happens with any Game or book to movie adaptation but the ground work was set for multiple movies to come.

I can see why the critics don’t like Warcraft. While its not a perfect movie, Warcraft is Good,  the ripping by critics is unwarranted. the problem here is that they are not Warcraft fans. Simple as that. Luckily there are million of fans around the world that will eat this movie up. Non-fans are going to have a tough time following the story. It was easy for me since i had a background on what was happening and who people where. So you can understand where these critics are coming from.Seeing Ironforge and Stormwind rendered as real cities is truly amazing and the CGI on the orcs is amazing as well. They really do come to life.

What is didn’t like about the story line was the “humanization” of the Orcs. To me they are the bad guys. I don’t play as orcs in WoW and I never will. I don’t what them to be good in any way, I don’t wanna see them having children, I want them to be evil at all times. They should be killing and pillaging with out any mercy. They movie tries to make them more that what they should be but it was very cool seeing how evil Gul’dan can be.

At the end of the day Warcraft is good. Go see it. Support the movie financially by buying a ticket, don’t bootleg it. I didn’t get into the story line here because I don’t wanna give away spoilers. if you are a Warcraft and WoW fan you wont be disappointed. If you are new to the lore, read 3 Things You Should Know Before Seeing WARCRAFT, and welcome to the family!


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