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Top 3 Anticipated Movies of Summer 2016


As summer approaches, we look at the top 3 movies that are coming out. How will these stack up to Deadpool and Captain America: Civil War? We will see.


3.) Jason Bourne


Having disappeared into the ether to find himself after finding himself (very confusing, but not untrue), Jason Bourne is back, unexpectedly with the world falling to bits around him.


2.) The BFG



Steven Spielberg’s magic wand turns to beloved Roald Dahl classic The BFG, which somehow got away with having a deeply sinsiter child abuction under-current and hid plainly rude words like Snozzcumber in plain sight. That sentence in itself should be enough to get you whizzpopping like the best.


1.) Suicide Squad


Who would have thought that after a deeply disappointing Batman v Superman response, it would fall to Suicide Squad – the dark, comic little side-project to strengthen the DC movie brand.

Starring villains instead of heroes, promising actual deaths and looking like an outrageous, bonkers cousin to the “normal” DC movies, David Ayers’ ensemble should be a breath of fresh air. Not least because of its very obvious agenda to actually have fun.

The cast is great (aside from a few questions early on), and while Jared Leto will have some work on his hands to outdo Heath Ledger, the early signs have been extremely promising.


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