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Three Great Pokemon Go Tips To Enhance Your Experience

pokemon go tips

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. Passing Tinder and Twitter on mobile devices. It has bridged the gap between kids who love the modern Pokemon and adults like me who grew up with the original 151. A lot of players that are falling into some common traps. Forcing the experience to be less exciting than they hoped. Many sites have given out some Pokemon Go Tips however I feel that these three are the best!

Here are 3 great Pokemon Go Tips to make your experience the best it can be.

Get a Portable Battery

I cannot explain to you how many times I have run out of battery power on my Samsung Galaxy. Getting a portable battery for on the go power boosts has become essential while on the poke hunt. Many of the places that you will find rare poke are within local parks, which make it very hard to charge your device when you need to.  I recently just got this Wristband Powerbank and it is making a world of a difference.

Save Your Stardust

My recommendation is not to bother powering up your Pokemon if you are under trainer level 10. You will waste your much needed stardust and will probably just randomly catch something later that is a higher CP anyway. You should bank all that star dust so that you can strategy power up Pokemon later in order to evolve them into something useful. Also, only power up Pokemon that are within 10% of their max CP. Grooming a poke from level 10 is a waste of time and stardust.

Smart Evolve

Only evolve a Pokemon that is at its max CP. This will produce an evolved Pokemon with the highest final CP possible, Since evolving doesn’t consume stardust, it will not effect you powering up your other poke’s. This great website has reverse engineered the evolution process. Check it out here.

If you have your own Pokemon Go Tips, let us know in the comments below!

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