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Samsung Curved Monitors at E3 with EA

samsung curved monitors

Samsung has really never been in the gaming market. If you ask any gamer what the best gaming monitor is, Dell and Asus usually come to mind. But samsung is trying to change all that with a new line of gaming monitors which they will show off at during E3. I say during because, they have partnered with EA, which has setup its own exhibition next door to the massive E3 conference. All the EA games this year will be shown on samsung curved monitors.

EA is hoping to show upcoming tittles like Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, Madden, FIFA, and NHL17. and using the Samsung Curved Monitors is sure to make them look amazing. It really a win win for both companies as EA gets someone to provide hardware and samsung gets its new monitors in front of actual gamers. They have also created a bundle that provides a free game with the purchase of a samsung curved monitor.


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