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Protect, Charge and Enhance Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch
Apple Watch

Protect, Charge and Enhance Your Apple Watch with These Great Accessories

by beconrad


When Apple first introduced the Apple Watch to the world, the device was met with enthusiasm and excitement. Tellingly, it was not just Apple fanboys and girls who flocked to the stores to buy this new device – it was men and women from all walks of life. Those new buyers were drawn to the power of the Apple watch and all the great things it could do. From keeping tabs on fitness to reading email, the new Apple watch packed plenty of power into a small and lightweight design.


As with any new tech device, the right accessories can make your Apple watch even more useful. Here are a few of the best accessories you can buy for your new Apple watch.


Light Things Up with the MiTagg NuDock
MiTagg NuDock Power Lamp Station – Space Grey
MiTagg NuDock Power Lamp Station – Silver

If you own an Apple watch, you need a quality dock for it, but the MiTagg NuDock does much more than keep your new watch safe. Instead, this handy device combines a charging with a dock and even a lamp.


The MiTagg NuDock owes its existence to a successful funding campaign on Indiegogo, and now the public at large can share in the benefits. This solidly built combination docking station, charger and lamp is made from hardened anodized aluminum, but it features a soft rubber coating and a smart stylish appearance. If you are looking for a new dock for your Apple watch, this is definitely one of the best.


Extend Your Battery Life with the Well Named Reserve Strap

If you are an early adopter of the Apple watch, you already know that battery life is not its strong suit. If you just purchased your new watch, you will soon find yourself checking the remaining battery power and factoring it into everything you do.


The well named Reserve Strap can reduce that battery life anxiety and help you get more done. This powerful rubber watch band includes plenty of extra juice to keep your Apple watch going long into the night. You can simply replace the existing band on your Apple watch with the Reserve Strap and you are good to go.


Give Your Apple Watch an Inexpensive Home with the Aerb Bamboo Stand
Aerb Bamboo Stand

Your Apple watch is extremely useful, but it is also small and fragile. That is why a stand is such a great investment – it gives the watch a safe storage space and makes it easy to find when you need it.


At just over $10, the Aerb bamboo Apple watch stand is one of the least expensive yet most useful accessories on the market. This handy stand is one of the best, and it definitely belongs on your Apple watch shopping list.


Protect Your Investment with the X-Doria Defense Edge
42mm Apple Watch Case, X-Doria Defense Edge Premium Aluminum & TPU Bumper Frame

The Apple watch may be one of the most powerful tech devices on the market, but it is not exactly cheap. Even the most basic Apple watch is a major investment, and the X-Doria Defense Edge is designed to protect it.


As the name implies, the X-Doria Defense Edge is designed to protect your Apple watch in style. With its machined aluminum outside and soft rubber interior, the X-Doria Defense Edge will cradle your Apple watch in style and keep it safe from harm.


Whether you are new to the world of Apple or a long-time fan, the Apple watch is destined to become one of your most beloved tech devices. The accessories listed above can make your new gadget even more fun and useful, so happy shopping.



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