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Pokevision Shutdown by Niantic


Pokevision and in app Pokemon Tracking are gone

The latest update from Pokemon Go has placed Niantic and Nintendo in a bad spot. Version 0.31.0 was released this weekend with some good crash fixes, however, the Pokemon tracking bug was not addressed. Pokemon Go is supposed to show varying numbers of footprints to indicate a player’s distance from Pokemon on the nearby screen, but never reduced beyond three steps, making it essentially useless. Niantic’s solution, remove the functionality completely. So now, the only way to find nearby Pokemon, you must walk around aimlessly in circles. Plus Pokevision was shutdown!

Pokevision in a third party website that allowed you to scan for the locations of nearby Pokemon. Niantic claims that Pokevision relied on “hacking” to get this accomplished and that Pokemon Go players who used them were cheating.


Honestly Niantic has the right to protect the integrity of its game. However the timing is really bad. By shutting down Pokevision’s “hack” and not fixing the in game Pokemon tracker, Its basically a shit show now with users demanding refunds for in app purchases and getting their money back!

They really need to either fix the in app tracker of allow Pokevision to continue to operate. The amount of server issues and app bug since this games release if truly unacceptable. I expected more out of “The Pokemon Company.” Hang in there guys, hopefully they will get their act together.

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