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Pokemon Go Update Spawns More Pokemon

pokemon go update

Many of the frustrations Pokemon Go players have expressed since its launch are slowly being addressed by Niantic. Starting Monday, The latest release drastically changed the number and types of Pokemon players will encounter throughout the game. The number of Pidgey, Rattata and Zubat that appear in the game has been drastically altered, the developer said on Twitter last week. Also, PokéStops will result in a nice increase in Poké Balls, Great Balls, Hyper Potions and other desirable items with little effort.

One Reddit user posted a picture of an actual crowd of Pokémon around his avatar, with multiple Eevee and Clefairy and Nidorino in the mix. These aren’t uncommon Pokémon, necessarily, but it beats a swarm of Pidgey spontaneously appearing on screen.

Time will tell if these extra will help players forgive the more frustrating parts of the Pokémon Go’s new version. At least there’s the updated tracking feature to look forward to — if you’re lucky enough to be in Arizona, San Francisco or Seattle, that is, where the beta test is heading next.


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