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Pokemon Go Game Code: The Answers We Needed

pokemon go game code

We all know how to play Pokemon Go at this point. But what about the true inner mechanics of the game? There are several questions that players needed to have answered that only data mining  would be able to answer. The Pokemon Go Game Code needed to be cracked.

We may finally get that peek inside that we’ve wanted. This comes from a fan site called A post they published yesterday revealed that their analysis of Pokemon Go game code shed substantial light on the inner mechanics of the application.

  • The trainer level cap is 40, but the Pokemon from hatched eggs caps at 20, while Pokemon found in the wild have a cap of 30. Leveling from 39 to 40 takes FIVE MILLION experience, and the grand total to level from 1 to 40 is TWENTY MILLION.
  • The achievements and badge rank exceeds “gold” level.
  • Doing curveballs and accurate throws with Pokeballs when catching Pokemon helps with the overall capture chance.
  • Future egg incubator iterations may have a reduced amount of kilometers needed to hatch.
  • Pokemon moves have an assigned Accuracy and Critical Hit rate, while the Pokemon themselves have an assigned Capture and Flee rate. They all have a base Attack, Defense, and HP rating.
  • While move damage can go up with Trainer Levels, Pokemon do become harder to catch when you level up.
  • As for individual Pokemon – Mewtwo, Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno are Legendary. But, Mew is Mythic. Farfetch’d and Ditto are “out there” somewhere. Legendary Pokemon have an assigned spawn rate, but no capture rate.
  • The Master Ball exists in the game, but nobody seems to know where.

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