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Overwatch – Game Review



Blizzards first IP since 1998 has been overwhelmingly received since its beta and initial release last night. I cannot remember a time when so much hype had been generated for a game that had not even been released yet. It’s truly unprecedented. The Overwatch fan base is enormous. Over 200,000 subscribers to its reddit page and more than 9.7 million players in its open beta, why is this game so popular?

Overwatch is a 6×6 first person shooter with 12 maps and 4 different mode : Escort, Assault, Control, and Hybrid (a combination of Assault and Escort). The game is built around teamwork, currently with 21 different characters. Each one has its own primary and secondary attack, and special ability. As well as potentially game swaying ultimate abilities that change over time.  You get to pick an initial character to play with but whenever you are dead or are in your base, you can swap to a different character.  The fast paced gameplay means that no two rounds are the same.

Blizzard will need to balance the game throughout its lifetime. As with many new games, there are some characters that need some tweaking. So far most of the changes have been for the better.


Overwatch is still far from balanced. But that doesn’t take away from the game at all. Winning teams usually consist for Reinhardt, Mei and/or Bastion. Bastion is extremely hard to counter for most, but he isn’t “over-powered.” He has two modes, recon and sentry. Recon mode allows him to move around the map with a sub machine gun but when put into sentry mode, hide.  Sentry mode makes him a stationary turret and turns him into a powerhouse. He is great for defense.


Reinhart has yet to be nerfed by the devolvement team.  His abilities include a large health pool which allows him to last a really long time in combat. His main weapon, Rocket Hammer, is meant for up close fighting. Barrier Field, allows him to create a shield for other players to seek cover behind. You will have to fight through his 2,000 barrier health before getting to his allies behind him.


Each map has its own choke point.  If one team can lock down that area, it usually means curtains for the opposing team. It’s easy to complain that each map has these areas however they essential to the flow of the game. It gives the team an objective to carry out. Teams must work together on these maps otherwise defeat is certain.

Despite its balance flaws, Overwatch is a must buy for any FPS or Blizzard fan. The imbalance will eventually be fixed.



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