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Warcraft: The Most Successful Video Game Movie Ever

Successful Video Game Movie

Despite the critics trashing Warcraft, it has now become the most successful video game movie ever. It has raked in $377.6 million world wide as I write this. The previous record holder was Prince of Persia when made $335 million back in 2010. After adjusting fro inflation that’s about $370 million.

China Drives Box Office

The bulk of the money has been made in China. The Chinese account for about $20 million. In the US, The movie suffered a 73% drop in ticket sales after its first week. That’s the third largest drop in history behindĀ 2009’s Friday the 13th remake and Fifty Shades of Grey.

Most Successful Video Game Movie Ever

With plenty of lore to choose from, expect the franchise to be a monster once its all done. We think it ill continue to beĀ most successful video game movie ever for some time. But then there is Assassins Creed….


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