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Lootcrate : The Only Crate for Geeks!


Lootcrate : The Only Crate for Geeks!

Ever heard of Dollar Shave Club? How about the Trunk Club? Barkbox? Well now there is Lootcrate. A monthly mystery crate filled with exclusive items from the biggest and best pop culture franchises. It is geared towards geeks and gamers. Currently there are over 400,000 looters world wide and you should join.

Lootcrate fills their boxes with great stuff.  Each one has a theme around it based on what is happening in movies and in gaming. Last month was Versus(Captain America: Civil War), and before that, Dead (Deadpool). You also get a special t-shirt and commemorative pin in each crate. Even the crate itself is part of the fun (you will understand what we mean once you get your first one)!


Currently there are 4 packages available.

loot crate

As you sign up for more months you save more money. And there isn’t just one crate either.

loot crate

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