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Kerbal Space Program Coming To PS4 And Xbox One In July

Kerbal Space Program

The insanely popular Space Flight Simulator is coming to PS4 and Xbox One soon. Squad’s CEO Ezequiel Ayarza  saying:

“Following the huge success Kerbal Space Program has had on PC with players and critics alike, we want to give console players the opportunity to play Kerbal Space Program in this redefined user experience. It has been a long road but finally we are confident of the quality of the game on consoles. An awesome control experience awaits you, as well as easier access to the wonderful world of space exploration, where even exploding is a lot of fun. We invite everyone to enjoy the excitement of flying rockets built by yourself, landing on planets and much more!”

One of the biggest parts of KSP is the huge amount of free community mods that have popped up on Steam ever since the game was first released. It will be interesting how they incorporate that into teh console version of the game. Check out our review about the game here.

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