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Kerbal Space Program : A Newb Review

Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program : A Newb Review

I must make a confession. I have killed three astronauts. And boy was it fun! Kerbal Space Program has arrived!

Kerbal Space Program or KSP for short, is an orbital flight simulator based in its own universe. Kerbals are their astronauts. Killing them either on purpose or by accident is about half the fun in this game. While there are other orbital simulators that you can play, non of these compare to the fun an sandbox flexibility found in KSP. Plus, those three Kebals I killed were laughing and smiling all the way. Except Bob. Hes always screaming for some reason.

The Good:
The good things in this game are almost to extensive to mention but here we go.

The Math Works:
The physics engine in the game is off the charts. While the game is meant for fun and creativity, the nitty gritty math of orbits, acceleration, drag, friction etc, are all correct. Playing this game really make you appreciate how hard space travel really is. Mapping out an orbit wrong will most likely result in a failed mission because in actual space, there is no lee way. You’re either right or wrong and the same goes for this game. KSP is authentic space travel and its all because the developers took the time to make the math work.

Kerbal Space Program

The sandbox mode in KSP gives you the freedom to fail how ever you want! Creating your own craft and testing its flight characteristics is what you will spend most of you time doing. And it is a blast! Many times your craft will not fly for a many different reasons. Either your center of mass isn’t in the right place, or you don’t have enough thrust, or you didn’t stage your rocket right. But once you do get it right it is euphoric. Once you have a few builds under your belt then you can reach cor the moon ( sorry i mean Mun). You can make what every you want. Everything from a Mun rocket to a space station. and you did it all yourself.

Kerbal Space Program

It’s huge!:
Before when I said “Kerbal Universe” I wasn’t kidding. The game has an entire solar system for you to explore. Planets, Moons, Dwarf Planets and Asteroids. Each one is unique and each one has its own challenges when exploring.

Kerbal Space Program

All Those Addons:
I don’t just mean a few. I mean recently took up the task of hosting all these addons. Everything from orbital computers to auto pilots to realism overhauls to historical ships, its all their for you. Want Kerbin to be the size of the earth? Want to fly a Saturn V? Want to build a realistic Space Shuttle? Just download the mod or addon and follow its install instructions.

The Bad:
There is not much to say here. The only thing that i ave an issue with is the Career Mode. Many will disagree with me on this. Its a matter of my personal opinion. I just enjoy the sandbox mode more. Career Mode requires you to hit certain milestones before certain parts are released for you to use. I find it tedious and not as fun.

Kerbal Space Program is currently $40 yet it is worth every penny. You can download it directly from the website or through steam. Its the perfect game for space enthusiasts. Have fun flying….and crashing!

Kerbal Space Program

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