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How To Play Mercy – Overwatch

how to play mercy

How To Play Mercy

Mercy is the only true healing hero in Overwatch. While difficult to play, once mastered, she is truly a game changer. With the ability to heal, buff and resurrect teammates, Mercy is a solid hero. Pair up with a Tank/Attack, keep them alive and rule the map. Teammates should feel lucky to have the constant attention of her during the match. This is how to play mercy.

Mercy’s Abilities

Caduceus Staff /Blaster – Using left mouse click, this ability allows you to send a beam of healing energy to a teammate. If you get someone to full health, switch to buffing the teammate, or start healing someone else. Otherwise you are just wasting time. To buff the teammate, use the right mouse click. All damage dealt increases by 30% fro that player. This is super powerful especially when that player is using their ultimate ability. To switch to the blaster press 2 and use left click on the mouse.  This is her only way to deal damage to opponents. it only deals 2 damage. If you using this when teammates are around, your playing wrong. This is for emergency use only when alone.

Guardian Angel – Clicking shift will allow Mercy to catch up to a teammate. This is a great ability that allows her to quickly come to someones aid if needed. The 2 second cool down is negligible. you can also use this to escape sticky situations.

Angelic Descent – Passive ability that allows Mercy to slow down when descending as long as the space bar is held down.

Resurrect – Ultimate ability. Mercy is the only Overwatch hero that can resurrect fallen teammates. 1 second to cast, 15 meter range, Anyone withing that radius that has died will come back to life as long as Mercy casts the spell within 10 seconds of death. This can be a game changer if used properly.


Counter With:

Roadhog – His ability to rip you away from your teammates can be deadly.

Reaper – Excels in getting behind enemy lines and wiping out support heroes.


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