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How To Play McCree – Overwatch

How To Play McCree

How To Play McCree

Big bad cowboy with a big bad attitude. McCree packs a whole lot of punch with a old style revolver. That and a little bit of crowd control makes McCree a tough attacker that is hard to counter. This is how to play McCree.

McCree’s Abilities

Peacekeeper – Using the left mouse button allows you to fire off single rounds that pack some serious damage. Using the right mouse button allows you to fire off several rounds at once, one after the other. This will completely empty your weapon so be sure to only use it when you have someone cornered. Get in close, dmamge falls off with distance.

Combat Roll – If you find your self in a tough situation, out of ammo, low on health etc, use combat roll to get your self into a more favorable position. The roll also automatically refill your Peackeeper and makes it harder fro enemies to hit you due to your lower profile. As long as you are firmly on the ground, you can roll in any direction.

Flashbang – Stops your enemy in his tracks but only for a short while. a good play is to use flashbang to stop the opponent while you unload your Peacekeeper into them.

Deadeye – Ultimate Ability. when used, McCree will find all target within his field of view, and deliver a series of one kill shots. Teh closer teh oppenent, the faster he will target them.

Counter With:

Genji: Mobility is much better than McCree. This increases the odds of Genji being victorious.

Soldier 76:  While firing from a distance and self healing, Good Luck.

WidowMaker: Huge problem if you need to get out of cover to do your thing.


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