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Homefront: The Revolution – Game Review



Unfortunately Homefront: The Revolution is a huge dud. It is a beautiful mess of forgettable story line and buggy game play that just leaves you frustrated and felling like you wasted your time. We where all hoping that the game would resolve the bad taste in our mouth that the first Homefront left us with but it ultimately doesn’t deliver.

The story of Homefront: The Revolution on the surface seems like a great idea. Fight for freedom, defeat the North Korean invaders, and it is a great idea. The problem is that the game just doesn’t give you any reason to fight. The missions are just one task after another and they done build off of each other. It is a 25 hour campaign that doesn’t feel worthwhile. While the game is set in an open map environment, the missions are very linear. Taking you from one zone to the next without any reason to go back to the last. There is no plot twist, no huge reveal, not even a climatic ending. After getting all the zones to revolt, the revolution just ends. That’s it. They could have done so much more in this game and they failed to deliver a compelling story. It is a shame that they squandered this world with an uninspiring plot.

homefront (1)

The amount of bugs in Homefront: The Revolution is extremely frustrating to say the least. All it does is remind you of a lack time the developers actually put into the game. Constant frame drops, slowdowns, and random spawning of enemies in ridiculous locations makes it barely playable. The best bug is a checkpoint save that will spawn you, with weapon holstered, in the center of a group of enemies. Only option is to restart the mission or fight through while game again.

Don’t bother with this game. We are giving it a 2 only because it is technically a video game that has working controls…


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