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EA Originally Rejected Battlefield 1 Concept


EA’s Battlefield 1 will take place during World War 1, as seen in last months trailer. That trailer by the way, is probably the most liked trailer of all time. Yet interestingly enough, EA Executive, Patrick Soderlund, wanted nothing to do with a game centered around WW1. EA rejected the idea.

He stated that the idea of trench warfare was not at all exciting. However the developers persuaded him and he did eventually approve the project. Clearly the trailer shows that Battlefield 1 is a lot more than just trench warfare. When the developers say they can make an awesome game, you have to trust them.


World War 1 wasn’t the most obvious option, EA studio boss Patrick Soderlund stated:

“If you look at what other partners in the industry are doing, they’re going into sci-fi; we’ve had a lot of success in the modern military space. But we felt like there was a need for a change.”

“When the team presented the idea to me of World War 1, I absolutely rejected it,” he added. “I said World War 1, it’s trench warfare; it can’t be fun to play.”

“We have to remember that so far, we have only shown one trailer,” he added. “Yes, it’s gotten a lot of success, but what’s important is that we have to go back and make sure we deliver on the full promise of what Battlefield can be. And that we will do.”

Battlefield 1 will be released on October 21st. We are patiently awaiting a beta…


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