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E3 is holding a public gaming event

E3 Live

E3 has largely been limited to the game industry and the press. Of course, that is needed, but it prevents thousands of players trying to get a look at future games. but that is all about to change.¬†Entertainment Software Association has announced E3 Live, a free public event that gives you a taste of what you’re missing. It runs alongside the conference¬†itself (6/14-6/16), and will allow players to “Test-Drive” new games.You will have to get a ticket to attend.

Initial participants include a few mainstays such as Ubisoft and Warner Bros., but a lot of emphasis will be on hardware. Expect a lot from HTC, Oculus and Alienware. This will not be an exact reflection of what you see inside the E3 closed doors. If you were hoping to experience Microsoft or Sony booths, you’ll have to keep waiting.

This is a big step and a necessary one. We expect only good things to come..




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