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DOOM 2016 – Game Review

Doom Review


The new DOOM harkens back to the classic first person shooter. Kill everything and everyone in sight and we will deal with the backstory later. Back then, the story didn’t matter. You didn’t need it because the fact that you were playing a video game was cool enough. Not so much today. And this is why DOOM only gets a 6.

Today, FPS games have become all about the journey. Where are we? Why are we here? Why is the bad guy the bad guy? Giving the back story is what drives the player to want to play the game. Of course there is a story to DOOM, however it is lacking in both length and depth. I mean the game starts out without an intro screen or story to watch. You are dumped directly into a world of kill or be eaten by demons. I would just like to know how I got there.


Now, there are some good things in this game. I did give it a 6 by the way.  The truth is while the story lacks, it does remind you of a time when games were kill everything, move to next room, kill the boss, next level. And it is very nostalgic in that sense.  So if you a person that enjoys these old style games, then DOOM is for you. Tons of blood, tons of guts and awesome visuals are what drive this game.

I really enjoy the armor and weapons upgrades as you go along. However, and this goes back to story line, what is the reason I’m getting these upgrades? What do I have to do in order to get them and why am I doing them. The fact that you just come across dead bodies and take there armor upgrades, or a drone gives it to you isn’t great. Yet the implementation of glory kills is interesting and is new twist on running over the health pack. Apparently killing someone in a cool way gives you health? OK ill allow it.


DOOM hits on certain aspects and misses on others. I think it is a good reboot for the franchise and so far the sales are reflecting that. The game reminds me a lot of walking around is a scary scf-fi movie. And if that is what you like then this game is perfect for you.


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