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Ditto, Second Gen Pokemon Coming to Pokemon GO!


The dataminers at The Silph Road got their hands on the source code for that latest Pokemon Go update and they have some news! Pokemon Go, for the first time, shows references to generation 2 Pokemon and “Transform.”

The code contains mentions of Pokémon numbered 152 (Chikorita) to 251 (Celebi) in the Pokédex. Another update will be necessary to bring them into the game. There’s no telling when that would happen, but the latest version at least lays the foundation for bringing them in.

Also, the developers added a new move to the game, “Transform”, which is only associated with Ditto. Ditto is the only non- legendary Pokemon yet to been in the game since its release in July. Unfortunately we have no idea when Ditto may show itself or when the Gen2 Pokemon will arrive. But we cant wait!



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