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Critics Don’t Like Warcraft Movie

warcraft movie

warcraft movie

Warcraft has been screened and now we start hearing from the critics. And so far the consensus isn’t good. It doesn’t look like Warcraft will be the blockbuster that everyone was hoping for. But keep in mind. They are critics and are probably not Warcraft or Blizzard fans like the majority of people who will flock to go see the movie. So we will hold off on our opinion until we see it. But here is what some are saying.

The Wrap:

“The cast seems mostly adrift, with only Schnetzer giving what might be considered an actual performance. The usually reliable Foster is reduced to gadding about like a prog-rock Jesus in a series of robes that make him look like he’s posing for the side of someone’s van, and poor Paula Patton gets saddled with a sad pair of novelty-store fangs.”


“It’s an unwaveringly earnest film that never owns up to exactly how campy every character, every conflict and every new realm truly is.” As for the CGI, “[it] aims for fresh and eye-popping and yet ends up shopworn and rather tacky.”

So once again, this is troubling. However many movies of this genre have had bad critic reviews yet turn out to be classics. We will see.


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