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5 Tips to Start Winning Ranked Overwatch Matches

Competitive Overwatch

Even though Overwatch can still be considered a new game, and a new eSport, its competitive game mode is already well-developed and unforgiving to new players. Upon starting your Competitive Overwatch journey, you’re going to have to play 10 placement games, which will then determine your starting rank for the season. Each season lasts roughly three months, which is plenty of time to reach your desired rank, no matter where you start at. Here are five useful tips that will have you climbing up the rank ladder immediately.

First and foremost, you need to learn how to properly communicate with your team. Communication is the one thing that can single-handedly win your team matches. While it is possible for a team of very skilled individuals to win a match without communicating, it’s a very rare situation. As soon as you decide you want to start playing Competitive Overwatch, you should head into your Settings menu, and in the … If you do not have a microphone, then you should look into buying a cheap one, because even if you can type in chat, it’s extremely slow, and means that you have to stop moving.

Secondly, you must know the proper team composition. The ideal team consists of two tanks, two healers and two damage dealers (offense/defense heroes). The game tells you your team’s flaws on the hero selection screen, so you can always use that as a guide to help you achieve the perfect team composition. However, you need to know when your choices are countered by the other team and when you should switch your hero in favor of a different one. You can always deviate from the ideal team composition, as long as every aspect of your team (healing/tanking/damage dealing) is under control.

You must also be ready to pull your own weight in matches. Whenever you press the button to queue up for a competitive game, you take up the responsibility that you will be available for the entire match, and that you will do your best. If you leave the match early or if you don’t focus on the game, then you risk ruining the match for 5 other players. If you think that you are not yet ready for ranked play, then you should spend more time in the Quick Play section or in the Training Course. Additionally, the Play vs AI is also a viable option for training.

Another strategy that may win you many matches is staying on the point when needed. Even if you are alone on the point against the entire team of attackers, you should try staying on the point to keep them from capturing it until your team returns from the spawn. Many people, especially in the lower (under 50) ranks don’t take this strategy into account, and they end up losing the match and letting their teammates down.

Lastly, remember that it’s only a game. The competitive nature of ranked play may make you extremely angry at times, but it’s very important to understand that if you are infuriated, you will not be able to play properly, and will only end up losing. Whenever you start getting angry, try reminding yourself that Overwatch is a game you play for funĀ and that it’s not worth getting mad over. If you’re angry about losing a match or losing your rank, try taking a break from the game and do something else, then return when you have recovered.

Competitive Overwatch is both skill and luck-based. Keep in mind that even if you do your best, being queued up with the wrong team or against a simply superior team can end up in a loss, and in most cases, you can’t do anything about it. However, try communicating and respecting the other players, and you are sure to end up in the high ranks.

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