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Chromie Review: Heroes of the Storm

chromie review

Chromie is the newest character added to Blizzards Heroes of the Storm. Her real name is Chronormu and she is from World of Warcraft. Chromie is classified as a ranged assassin who can deal a ton of one on one damage to enemies.

While powerful at range, she is ripe for the picking if caught out in the open. her low health and limited maneuverability makes her an easy target. If she is on your team, consider her a priority to protect. Chromie is best paired with a tank. She cannot take much on on her own.

Chromie has two main attacks, Dragons Breath and Sand Blast. The first summons a dragon made of sand to inflict area damage while the other delivers direct damage to a single hero while bypassing others. No need to lead with Sand Blast. Its a quick strike. She also has Time Trap which allows Chromie to place a trap on the ground that arms and goes stealth after two seconds. The first enemy hero to walk into the trap will be put in Stasis for 2 seconds, making it immune to everything—including your attacks. This ability is best placed in front of Chromie, between her and opposing heroes to buy her time to escape if they decide to pursue her. Unlike other heroes, Chromie will learn every talent a level earlier than anyone else. It lets her access her ultimate’s a full level ahead of others.

Her two ultimate’s are Slowing Sands and Temporal Loop. The first creates a sand pit that slows enemies down and the other teleports enemies to where they were 3 seconds prior. Chromies abilities are mostly based around crowd control.

If you have a friend that love to tank then Chromie is for you. She is quite powerful if you know what you are doing. Remember, don’t get caught in the open with out support. Expect to deal alot of damage with Chromie.


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