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Battlefield 1 Update Fixes Squad Leaders

battefield 1 update

Battlefield 1‘s Fall update was just released and while it brings many of the promised changes, it also makes squads a bit more useful. With changes to the leadership mechanics and glitch fixes, you’ll have less crummy squad leaders.

Here are the change notes:

  • If the squad leader ignores requests for orders the leadership is transferred to another member of the squad.

  • When a squad member requests an order (and there is no active squad order), the requesting player is added to the want-to-be-leader queue for that squad and a 60 seconds timer starts (the timer is not reset if there are other squad members waiting in the queue already).

  • When the 60 seconds pass, the first member in the squad queue (the one who requested order earliest) is promoted as a squad leader. If there are other members in the queue after him, the timer is automatically reset to 60 seconds and if the new leader doesn’t give orders over that period either, then the next waiting in line is promoted and so on.

  • If the current squad leader issues an order, then the queue for the squad is cleared.

The patch also fixes a glitch that stopped the flare gun and airplane spotting flares from working as intended.


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