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Asus ROG Liquid Cooled Laptop


The Asus ROG GX800 still has a giant attachment in the rear but its now powered by a NIVIDIA SLI GPU along with Intel’s K-Series CPU. The reason forĀ its huge back end in pretty simple. If you want the laptop to be lite, the all the cooling have to happen externally. there are two 330W power supplies to keep up with all the overclocking you will be doing. If you’re not planning to overclock, you’re probably looking at the wrong gaming machine. It will have the latest Mechanical keyboard with multi-color LED keys and can be customized.

asus rog

The ROG compact desktop is getting a 10th anniversary edition which they are claiming is the most powerful yet. You can expect a NIVIDIA GeFORCE GTX 1080GPU with 2-way SLI for 4K gaming.

The tower itself even looks like a structure from a futuristic shooter of your choosing:

asus rog


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